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Creating Grief Toolboxes

At Boxed Up Project, we create grief toolboxes to help kids and teens process and express their feelings of loneliness, sadness and the myriad of emotions that occur when dealing with grief and loss. 


Each box contains carefully selected items such as books, comfort cards, a journal, art supplies, a photo album , a stuffed animal, fun activities and a kid-friendly instructional guide to help them focus on positive feelings and unpack their grief. 


We worked with accredited grief experts to create two boxes, for ages 5-11 and ages 12-17. The contents are unisex, age appropriate and serve a purpose. We also included resources for adults so they can further support these kids. Boxed Up Project is donating these boxes to underserved kids and organizations who specialize in helping kids and their families heal.


When tragic events occur in a child or teenager's life, their feelings may be similar to adults but they cope differently. They have a hard time making sense of their mixed up emotions, they often feel that talking about or expressing their grief is unacceptable so they keep their feelings boxed up inside.


This is not a healthy way to grieve and heal. Children affected by grief and loss can feel isolated and alone, both in their family and from other children. Experts say children who are grieving are at a greater risk than their peers for depression, anxiety, suicide, poverty and substance abuse.


There is no right way to go through grief. In facing loss, children and teens must find the path that works for them however in every case support is what helps in the journey of healing. By learning to freely express their feelings in their own unique way and develop healthy coping skills, kids and teens can imagine a life full of possibilities. 

"We need never be afraid of our tears."

-Charles Dickens


As a youth organization helping other youth, we believe we can make a significant impact. Many of us have experienced our own grief and loss and therefore sharing these similar life experiences gives us a better sense of understanding and empathy for the kids and teens we hope to help. Also, by introducing other youth to our mission and by getting involved, teens can gain new insight, understanding and compassion for other kids and teenagers and their unique journey. By fundraising and finding beneficiary organizations, Boxed Up Project gives youth around the country a platform to serve and learn.



Everyone needs a helping hand on their grief journey. Here are some resources available to you in your area and online.

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